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Scope Festival 2017 (Berlin, Germania)

What can be more delightful for Nordic music fans living outside Scandinavia than having an own Nordic themed music festival in their city? Well this applies to the ever spoiled Berliners that are currently living in one of the most rewarding cities in the world. There are just 10 days until Scope Festival 2017 will kick off! We are already counting the minutes until its start!

Scope Festival seems to be curated with one purpose. Bringing the Nordic sound and mood to Berlin. Comprising a wide array of music genres, Scope Festival is at its second edition and will feature a mouthwatering setup for such a young festival in 2017.  We are sure that Janus (also known to some of you from Bloodgroup) and Ólafur will even further raise the prestige of their already acclaimed live show.

Another hot act of this festival will be the performance of another favourite Nordic act of ours, the Swedish synthpop master, Jay-Jay Johanson. It’s been literally too long since we last saw him in an outstanding performance back in 2009 at “The Ark” in Bucharest.  It will be delightful to attend one of his live performances especially after releasing “Bury the Hatchet”, his eleventh (!) studio album just about two weeks ago.

We would definity advise in going to see the Norwegian electronic jazz master, Nils Petter Molvær, whose powerful sounds have been an inspirational to many artists and bands . Other hot acts to follow would be in our opinion ADHD, Amok Amor or Girls in Airports. More details on the full schedule, venues and ticket prices can be found on the festival webpage.

Scope is organized by the wonderful people that bring us XJAZZ Festival Berlin and We Jazz Helsinki. Florian Burger who has created an institution on Berlin’s festival stage and Matti Nives, the main figure behind We Jazz.  We proudly attended and reported XJAZZ this spring and we gotta’ say it has been a wonderful experience. In a city that one would consider a perpetual year long festival due to its outstanding live concerts offer (there are days in which music fans MUST CHOOSE from 3-4 overlapping concerts), it is great to have a week in spring in which jazz takes over and another one in our favorite season, the autumn, in which our favorite music becomes the centerpiece of the Berlin music scene.

Berlin is a very easy to reach destination from many parts of Europe as its two present airports are very well connected to a lot of European countries. In what concerns accomodation, we would definitely recommend staying in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain or Mitte). Maybe it would be the best idea to choose Schlesisches Tor U-Bahnhof as the centerpoint in order to find accomodation. Reach it easily, you will reach all Scope Festival’s venues easy. Entries can be paid separately for each gig but also there is a festival pass available for 77,7 EUR (giving you thus the opportunity to see 12 concerts in 12 days with very few overlappings. In what concerns our Romanian friends, at this moment, the direct routes between Romania and Berlin are operated by RyanAir (Bucharest and Timisoara) and WizzAir (Cluj Napoca).

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Nimic nu ne place mai mult decat sa vedem artisti…

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