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Primavera Sound 2018 (Barcelona, Spain) – 10 (actually 20 acts) to see

Once again, we are delighted to cover a music festival, however, we believe that at this moment, Nordic Mood will cover its biggest festival up to date. The European summer festival scene is again mouthwatering, we are living great times to be honest and the festival scene is more rewarding than ever.
After covering many Scandinavian festivals during the last years (SPOT Aarhus 2015, Flow Festival Helsinki 2016, Heartland Festival 2017 or HAVEN KBH Festival 2017, this year we go south where we will be proud to be an official accredited media partner of Primavera Sound Festival 2018.

Why Primavera? Well of course, we are always keeping an eye on the Nordic Artists and Primavara will surely offer us some Nordic delights this year as the festival will feature performances from Aleksi Perälä, the wonderful Anna von Hausswolff, the legendary Björk (absolutely excited for our first ever gig), Fever Ray, Lindstrøm or Lykke Li. But this year’s Primavera contains one of the most mouthwatering setups possible.

The festival is structured to take place for a whole week (28 May – 03 June) but the start is slow with just a few concerts in the first two days. Early goers should not miss Wednesday’s concert of Belle and Sebastian after their amazing album released this year. However the real business starts on Thursday and finishes Sunday morning. It is absolutely impossible to make a pick of the must see concerts since there are literally tens of concerts to be seeen at this festival. However, we will try compiling a personal top 10 of the “not-to-miss”stuff 🙂

Thursday (31.05.2018)

1. 31.05 – Warpaint (SEAT Stage)

The female quartet from California always deliver on stage and this time should be no different. We have a slight feeling that we might be hearing some new stuff.

2. 31.05 – The War on Drugs (Mango Stage)

This is one of the concerts we are very much looking forward to, as “A Deeper Understanding”, last year’s album has been a reveree. Adam Granduciel’s rock mixed empathy and serenity is simply irrezistible.

3. 31.05 – Björk (SEAT Stage)

Legends performing a live concert are never to be missed. Plain and simple.

4. 31.05 – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Mango Stage)

See #3, Björk 🙂

5. 31.05 – Sylvan Esso (Pitchfork Stage)

This North Carolina duo has produced a very lovable album last year and they are getting more and more attention nowadays. A definitely deserved one.

6. 31.05 – Nils Frahm (Primavera with Apple Music)

The German producer and composer has some serious competition during his scheduled performance as Scotland’s CHVRCHES will take command of the SEAT Stage. However, the ensemble of pianos, synthesisers and keyboards are simply irresistible to us, especially after his sold out consecutive concerts held at Funkhaus Berlin early this year.

7. 31.05 – Four Tet (Ray-Ban Stage)

We have first met Kieran Hebden 8 years ago @ Flow Festival Helsinki. We were on our way home when some intriguing sounds lured us to a smaller stage. We have been actively following him ever since and his collaborations with Burial, Thom York, Sia or Lana del Rey are a testimony to the quality of the music he produces.

Too little for this Thursday? Oh yes, of course we did not mention Anna von Hausswolf (adidas Originals stage), Fever Ray (Primavera with Apple Music Stage) or Mount Kimbie (Bacardi Live Stage).

So that’s 10 artists folks that we would ABSOLUTELY SEE. Oh… and that’s just the first big day.

FRIDAY (01.06.2018)

8. 01.06 – John Maus (Pitchfork Stage)

We would definitely start our evening with John Maus, returning with a new album after a 6 years hiatus dedicated to writing his PhD thesis.

09 vs. 10 – 01.06  – The National (Mango Stage) vs. Mogwai (Primavera with Apple Music Stage)

One of the biggest challenges posed by this year’s edition is the choice us music fans have to make between these two outstanding live performances. If you are not a massive fan of any of them, just make a choice on the spot, you cannot go wrong!

So we reached 10 but there’s no way we will stop here… we’ll just keep on going…

11. 01.06 – Charlotte Gainsbourg (Primavera with Apple Music Stage)

We WILL NOT MISS this performance after Charlotte’s last album. Serge and Jane’s daughter has 4 albums of her own up to date and so we can only hope for more.

12. 01.06 – HAIM (Mango Stage)

The three sisters from Los Angeles are always a delight to listen to and to see on stage.

Other special mentions of the day go to Father John Misty (SEAT Stage), Shellac (adidas Originals Stage), Cigarettes After Sex (Ray-Ban Stage). And then Saturday comes… 🙂

SATURDAY (02.06.2018)

13. 02.06 – Jane Birkin (SEAT Stage)

We will save all our energy just to see the legendary Jane Birkin accompanied by an orchestra of 50 musicians. This is a feast that is not so much accessible any day.

14 vs. 15 – 02.06 – Slowdive (Primavera with Apple Music Stage) vs. Lykke Li (Mango Stage)

We are sure that a consistent part of the festival will head to the Mango Stage for Lykke Li’s performance, however, this time we will choose differently as a Slowdive performance is never to be missed. Rachel Goswell is a the Queen of the stage everytime, regardless of the fact that she plays with Slowdive or Minor Victories.

16. 02.06 – Grizzly Bear (Ray-Ban Stage)

Ideally placed in the programme between Slowdive and Arctic Monkeys, the US band will reward us with a perfect transition between shoegaze and rock.

17.  02.06 – Arctic Monkeys (Mango Stage)

Back to legendary acts, Arctic Monkeys will perform at Mango Stage. Once again, see #3 and #4 🙂 Especially that they are back after 4 years of total silence with a brand new album.

18. 02.06 – Jon Hopkins (Bacardi Live Stage)

Melancholia, trance, techno, nostalgia, piano, all inclusive. Never to be missed, always excited to attend!

19. 02.06 – Beach House (Primavera with Apple Music Stage)

Of course, the night is young at 2 AM and what else could be more nice than attending another outstanding act. After Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter it is time to see Michelle Legrand’s daughter and her only concert in Europe this year. Beach House is one of the most powerful ethereal concerts you will ever see. Dream pop at its best in an act that we again have discovered at Flow Festival Helsinki 2010.

20. 02.06 – Public Service Broadcasting (Pitchfork Stage)

One of the most interesting projects we have discovered in the last years, Public Service Broadcasting has blown us away with their “Race for Space” album. Make the effort to see their performance at 02:30 AM, you will not be sorry!

Should energy be on your side Lindstrøm space disco would make a perfect closure to a what announces to be an outstanding festival.

Min Gul
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